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Water Smart Carpet Cleaning in Greater Victoria BC

water   Vancouver Island and Greater Victoria may receive an abundance of rainfall but we must all be responsible in how we use this precious resource. When you take thoughtful steps around your home -like selecting high-efficiency appliances & shower fittings, and checking for small leaks- you’re not only saving money on your water bill, you’re doing your part to preserve the watershed. The CRD lays out helpful guidelines and tips on how to conserve water at your home and business and choosing a VLM (Very Low Moisture) carpet cleaner is one more way you can make a sustainable choice. VLM, or ‘Dry’ carpet cleaning is becoming a more popular alternative to the old water-wasting methods.

Too Much Water?

Did you know that HWE (Hot Water Extraction) carpet cleaners use over 40 gallons to clean an average home, and in some cases up to 300 gallons may be used to clean just 1000 square feet of carpet? While HWE is a method is a good method for certain situations and can garner excellent results in the hands of an experienced technician, all too often overwetting can occur. This is not only wasteful of our valuable water supply, in some extreme cases it can lead to permanent carpet and underpad damage, shrinkage, mildew, mold, and even a bloom in odour-causing bacteria.

“My carpets were wet for way too long, it was inconvenient!”

  We hear this complaint almost daily as new customers to us recount their previous wet-cleaning experience. Today’s VLM technologies allow us to deeply clean without risking the problem of overwetting. Of course, we do use some water for cleaning, but our VLM methods typically use 20 times less water to get the job done -about 2 gallons for a typical home. Dri-Way means you can have fresh, clean, hygienic, and DRY carpets usually within just 30-90 minutes.

“When the carpets finally dried, all the spots came back!”

  Isn’t it irritating to have paid good money only to have the exact same spots return hours or days after an inexperienced wet cleaner has left? This is another all-too-familiar problem often called “wick-back”. This is an inherent problem for HWE that has been solved by modern advances is low moisture cleaning technology. Our clients report that spots they thought were permanent are gone for good.

  Given the risks and inconvenience of wet carpet cleaning, coupled with the unnecessary overuse of water, it’s an easy decision to switch to a more ecologically practical VLM method provider. Modern dry carpet cleaning gets excellent results and extends the life of carpets and rugs in your home. There’s just no good reason to carry on with methods that place heavy demands on our watershed. Since 1986 our family business has been serving Greater Victoria from Sooke to Sidney with our always improving dry carpet cleaning service.

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Green Carpet Cleaning in Victoria BC


  Everyone is more aware than ever that our local, regional and global environment is interconnected. Companies and service providers including ecologically aware carpet cleaners are rising to meet today’s challenges by employing smarter, greener innovations. Eco-friendly service providers pay attention to things that matter to you – like water and energy usage – while avoiding obsolete methods that relied on unsafe chemicals, fossil fuels, perfumes, and other pollutants.


 Three decades of Eco-Friendly Cleaning

  For over forty years the Roberts family has been a leader in green carpet cleaning in Greater Victoria. When founder Gordon Roberts first began cleaning in the early 1970’s there wasn’t much choice in equipment and methods. Then, after more than a decade of service, Gordon learned of a revolutionary new way to clean that used far less water. In 1986, Gordon and his sons Stephen and Robin introduced the first dry carpet cleaning service to Victoria. The name “Dri-Way” was coined to describe the new water saving techniques. Since then our family has continually innovated with the latest in smart technologies to provide the best results and outstanding service. Our VLM (Very Low Moisture) methods may take more time and effort, but we refuse to use harsh chemicals or processes that are easier and faster, because that would compromise our quality and our ethical standards.

  Here on Vancouver Island we are part of a living, breathing rainforest with a fragile ecosystem surrounding our homes and workplaces. From Sooke to Oak Bay to Sidney, we are all cognizant of the environmental impact of our daily choices. That’s why we choose to use only the most energy efficient equipment, and use about 20 times less water than wet method carpet cleaners. We can do this without sacrificing cleaning power, because our VLM methods deeply clean to provide you with carpet beautification and renewal, while removing stains, dirt, grit, sand, and allergens. Our techniques allow your carpets and upholstery to be dry and ready for full use, usually 30-90 minutes after completion, in an environmentally responsible way.

Green Seal Certified Products

  Because our methods are so efficient, we need only a tiny amount of cleaning solution; therefore the products we rely on are Green Seal Certified. Many products claim they are ‘green’ or ‘natural’ but in many cases these are simply advertising buzzwords. Only Green Seal is a government-authorized certification. It is costly and time consuming for manufacturers to earn; but we think our customers are worth it. These products must meet stringent protocols before being allowed to display this sought-after designation. Green Seal Certified cleaning solutions have been rigorously tested to be hypoallergenic, neutral in PH, odourless, and contain no VOC’s.


  We only use products that we would use in our own homes and around our own children and pets. With Dri-Way, you can rest assured that your home’s carpets and upholstery will look and feel beautiful and clean, while knowing that you have made the best choice for your family’s health and that of our precious local environment.

  Three decades after founder Gordon Roberts introduced green carpet cleaning to Greater Victoria, son Nathan Roberts and his wife Treena are the latest owner-operators in this proud family business. We look forward to serving you during the next thirty years!

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