In-Home Area Rug Cleaning


We’re ready to take care of your area rug cleaning needs whether you have a synthetic like nylon, acrylic and olefin, or a natural fibre piece such as Chinese silk, sisal, or Wool. We can handle your uniquely designed decorator wool rug, or even a breathtaking hand-knotted Persian and other Oriental rugs..

Rather than take them away to a shop (for up to a month), we clean your rugs in place right in your home -no matter what flooring surface your rug currently lays on: Linoleum, tile, marble, laminate and even hardwood floors are not a problem with Dri-Way. Our cleaning solutions are Green Seal Certified, contain no noxious fumes or perfumes, and completely WoolSafe.

*Some rug styles, constructions and certain soiling conditions are not suitable for an in-home cleaning service. Our technician will determine this during the pre-inspection of your rugs.

Your Dri-Way cleaning experience starts when your experienced, polite, non-smoking technician arrives on-time for inspection of all the items to be cleaned. He’ll make special note of the areas and spots of most concern to you, give idea of what result will be expected, how long it should take, and give you the exact price for the job right down to the penny before commencing any work. With us, there are no hidden fees. Period. In fact, each and every Dri-Way area rug cleaning includes everything that you’d expect with a Premium service including sanitizing, deodorizing, and anti-resoil treatment. Here’s what’s included:

  • Polite, non-smoking technicians with shoe-covers,
  • Pre-cleaning walk-thorough and inspection,
  • Thorough pre-vacuuming,
  • Pre-treatments of spots and stains,
  • Deep cleaning with the latest Low-Moisture methods,
  • Sanitizing, deodorizing and anti-resoil treatment for NO EXTRA CHARGE,
  • Moving and replacing of furniture as required,
  • Grooming and detailing,
  • Post-cleaning walk-through and inspection with you,
  • FREE bottle of our Non-Toxic Spot Remover to keep your area rug looking great!

Let’s not forget, this is a DRI-WAY cleaning… that means your area rugs will be ready for full use in just a fraction of the time that you’d expect!


  • Our Service During the Covid-19 Crisis:

    Yes we are still open -but with caveats... As a professional cleaning provider, we are available to serve while taking all necessary precautions. We are vetting all jobs ahead of time and postponing any appointments that would not allow us to exercise best practices as understood in the cleaning industry, or as directed by local authorities. You can also leave a text or voicemail on our main number (returning clients press #1 key, first-time callers press #2 key on the phone) 250-475-2468 if you prefer.
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