360° CLEAN Anti-viral spraying service

360° Clean Anti-Viral
Spraying Service

Proven, Safe, and Effective!

IDEAL FOR public use facilities, vehicles, and other locations during this health crisis and beyond.

STATE OF THE ART recognized, trusted, and credible advanced technology sanitation application system to help keep your building’s residents, staff and patrons safe.

NIGHTTIME SERVICE routes are available to ensure no disruption for your facility’s operations during the day.

    Not to be confused!

    …with “fogging” methods used in outdoor areas that present a health hazard, the Clorox® Total 360™ Electrostatic Spraying System is a brand new advancement expressly designed for safely disinfecting indoor spaces used by people on a regular basis.

    No Toxic Residue!

    This amazing technology gives an electric charge to the particles which then immediately adhere evenly to all surfaces and do NOT hang in the air to cause breathing difficulties. It does not leave behind a toxic residue and works equally on hard surfaces, glass, soft surfaces, clothing, and electronics alike – without causing any harm or ill effects.

    Zero Down-Time!

    Clorox Total 360 is a low residue, no-rinse product with no odour or scent. Staff, clientele and residents can immediately re-enter the area just minutes after treatment is complete – perfect for retail spaces, cash register areas, high-touch areas, vehicles, condominium common areas, etc.


    Our techs use the correct Personal Protective Equipment and employ Best Practices to ensure safe, effective and thorough application.

    This is the same system being used by the CBSA (Canadian Border Services Agency) in their efforts to maintain the highest levels of cleaning and hygiene when disinfecting arriving aircraft equipment and facilities for the repatriated citizens arriving from abroad to CFB Trenton. It is used in medical areas, schools, and with first-responders across the country.

    Victoria’s Mustard Seed food bank, numerous grocery stores, liquor stores, multi-family dwellings and first-responders are already using our service and benefiting from the peace of mind this extra boost to their cleaning protocols provides.

    This is designed to be a preventative service, not a reaction for use after an unfortunate event. We don’t want your facility to experience an interruption to essential service and a programme of preventative spraying could be the difference maker.

    The electrostatic process goes under and around the back attaching to all surfaces very evenly. This is the only type of spraying system that can deliver this kind of complete and even coverage. It is great for surfaces and spaces that are large, complex, and difficult to disinfect.


    Please Note

    Our technicians are trained in the proper use and handling of this sensitive equipment.

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    We are currently prioritizing public locations and essential service providers, such as grocery stores, public transportation and first-responders. We are accepting requests for regular (weekly or bi-weekly) applications at public and/or commercial spaces. If your spraying is of HIGHEST public importance or urgency, call or text on direct cellular 24/7: 250-686-6991. We sincerely thank you in advance for your patience as we work through the demand for service at this time…


    • Current Spraying Service Availability Notice through to April 30:

      We are prioritizing requests in order of importance for one-time, or regular (weekly/bi-weekly/or daily) sprayings at public and/or commercial spaces and locations.
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